November 18, 2004


MODNI MAGAZIN 11, November 2004,

Sergey Natsaev

How VASSA and BORLAS RETAIL have found each other.

From the magazine editors:

We continue our series of articles devoted to the overall automation in which directors of the non-food enterprises tell their stories. In the previous issue the story was told by the Director of OOO “AVI-2000”, the Companys trade mark. In this issue Sergey Natsaev, the General Director of OOO Alegra presenting the VASSA trade mark is sharing his experience.

As long as our company exists we have changed only two automation systems what in my opinion shows the right choice of the partners.

The first one was suitable in the beginning of the developing of our business but than it was time to think seriously about its replacement: our business was widening, the quantity of stores was increasing, the demands to replenishment maintenance were rising and the system was preventing us from developing. We couldn’t backtrack stock-on-hand in office normally (warehouse + stores), each morning we started with calling all the stores and ascertaining the presence of different sizes and colors of commodities. The program didnt allow us to see the stock-on-hand on the central warehouse or in the other stores from a certain store depriving the personnel of the possibility to reorder the goods according to a certain customer or to send it to another store.

At the same time the old partner didnt actually develop the system but only corrected mistakes: we were the non specialized client – the company first of all oriented on the food market, on the supermarkets automation, that is why we understood that the system would never be developed and fine-tuned for us.

As we made the decision to change the program we made a principle demand the new company-software developer should first of all be oriented on non-food stores and consider the specificity of these enterprises in particular. The search for such a company turned out to be quite difficult the majority of software for the retail enterprises was fit for supermarkets and hypermarkets; the fashionable business was only an addition for them.

As the range of solutions was defined the most difficult thing was ling ahead we had to choose one producer among the others.First of all we rejected the solutions-constructors (we didnt want to finish the system off according to our demands during five-six months with an uncertain result) and occidental solutions (because of evidently insufficient functioning and because they werent oriented on the Russian specificity).

Among the rest of the companies Borlas Retail ( distinguished from the others by its exact orientation on non-food enterprises of fashion industry and its readiness to keep a part of our old equipment (the cash registers first of all). Besides Borlas Retail has already verified its TradeX solution on the majority of the monsters of the fashion business and that has insured us in this product.

TradeX attracted us by its wide system functional in the range of sizes, colors and seasons, by its own and consignment commodities stock-taking support. The big advantage was that Borlas Retail was ready to keep a part of the old data the other companies couldnt offer it. t is important to remark that Borlas Retail was the only company that actively offered us its automation service itself.

Together we have developed the stage-by-stage plan of the change of the system and have successfully completed the change in time.

During the time that has passed since the change of the management system we have understood that we werent mistaken. We find Borlas Retail a decent partner: the system is always being upgraded and improved; upgrades that bring something new to the system appear regularly. It is pleasant to remark that the software developer as though predicts our wishes: we just discuss the necessity of the additions within our company and they already appear in the system. We are very glad that the company-software developer reacts on the clients: it collects and considers the remarks and always develops something new. With such a partner we clearly see our next day and solve our enterprise management problems more effectively.Besides this we recommend this product to our partners in the regions. In Tomsk the program is installed in the SV-centre the leader of the VASSA Company in the region. I emphasize that few of Russian companies which produce and sell fashionable clothes develop as fast as VASSA. Partly it is so because the management system doesnt slow down our developing and assist in the appearance of something new and unusual in our business.


From the magazine editors:

The VASSA Company was founded in 2000 under the VASSATREND NEW YORK trade mark. The main specialization is production and realization of fashionable clothes for women developed by the designer Elena Vassa. At the moment the Company owns eight stores in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and also dealer networks in Orenburg, Tomsk, Nijni Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Novokuznetsk and other Russian cities.

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