December 22, 2004


MODNI MAGAZIN 12, December 2004,

Vladimir Lunin

ESPRIT: We trust Borlas Retail!

From the magazine editors:

We continue our series of articles devoted to retail enterprises complex automation. In this issue Vladimir Lounin, tells his story. He is the General Director of “BTI System” Company, Russian operator and franchise-partner of the famous trade mark Esprit and of the new Lulu Castagnette mark which has just appeared in the Russian market.

When the first Russian license Esprit store ( was being opened in December 2003 we were using a foreign software which had one big disadvantage among all its advantages – since it was written by a foreign developer the access to its revisions was closed and the systems integrator happened to be unable to complete our demands to the discount structure and to the report accordance quickly.

It is well-known how our rules of the way we conduct business are complicated and specified and how Russian legislation is exigent and how important it is to adapt to its changes flexibly and quickly. We couldn’t allow ourselves to wait for the realization of revisions for a long time losing not only time but also money. These are the particularities of ESPRIT business: unlike many other producers of fashion clothes that are orientated on the creation of the seasonal collections, ESPRIT creates new collection each month in principle. This gives great competitive advantages but at the same time makes to create efficient and dynamic business processes in the company. And you cant manage without an advanced management system.

That is why after the first month of working we had to make a difficult decision about the necessity of changing the system. Not taking into consideration non specialized and simplified solutions we were guided in choosing the best of the best by the following criterions: multi-level commodity tracking is obligatory by styles (12 new collections per year), models-articles, colors, sizes. High demands were made from the point of view of analytics and financial accounting, high efficiency and the opportunity of control and the analytical support of remote outlets were in demand. The presence of local service was also important.

Borlas Retail ( has satisfied all our demands in the best way.

The change of the system is a painful process for any retail company. Borlas Retail helped us to overcome this difficult period as harmlessly as it was possible: the Companys specialists moved the data from the old system to the new one, helped and supported us during the first days of working and what is the most important is that they were able to move our stores to the TradeX system without stopping the trade.

We wholly trusted Borlas Retail and that is why we made them responsible for the supply of the whole IBM POS-terminal complex, servers, working stations and software. Paying a lot of attention to the protection the commodities from stealing we chose the Element Store Company ( judging by the results of the tender, protection systems of which wholly satisfied all our demands. The system is reliable, the design of antennas completely corresponds to our stores and we are examining the usage of Nedap equipment options that allow receiving the whole picture of what is happening in stores efficiently in the electronic format staying in an office.

During the previous year of our cooperation we remarked that Borlas Retail service and their technical support was completed quickly and qualitatively, the system was fine-tuned according to our demands. To the end of the year 2004 we are going to open three more ESPRIT stores and two more Stores of our new brand Lulu Castagnette ( together. The opening of the sub-franchise program and the creation of the portfolio of several brands, the opening of at least five stores and the deeper region assimilation will take place in the year 2005.

We hope that our successful cooperation with Borlas Retail will be continued in future.

Vladimir Lounin

From the magazine editors:

ESPRIT is the largest international company that develops and realizes 11 lines of fashionable clothes and accessories for men, women and children in 30 countries and on 5 continents.

Lulu Castagnette is the French clothes trade mark for young and fashionable women from 14 to 30 years and also for girls under 14 years. Lulu Castagnette clothes is presented in more than 1000 multibrand stores and in 55 exclusive boutiques in Europe, Asia and America.

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