July 27, 2016

Summer projects from Luxe Retail

Information for the press 

July 26th, 2016. For last summer months of Luxe Retail has realized several projects on automation of shops of the identified retail chain stores at once.

New shops a premium of brands of Max Mara and Etro were located on "Red carpet" the outlet center of Fashion House Outlet Centre Moscow.

Max Mara one of the largest international fashion houses founded in 1951. The company offers the elegant women's clothing made with emphasis on special quality of a cut (Haute - Gamme).

The brand of Etro has appeared in 1968 with start of production of high-quality fabrics which were decorated with an original ornament. Today in assortment men's and female collections, accessories, aromas and objects for an interior.

The Fashion-gallery of Evropolis shopping mall, flagman project of the Fort group company, will be filled with a new brand with a world name. The Bosco di Ciliegi group in September of this year will open monogramed shop of the Italian fashion house Max Mara where the Weekend collection will be presented.

The Weekend Max Mara shop of 155 sq. will be placed on the first floor of Broadcasting Company Evropolis, which fashion-gallery more than half consists of brands of segments "average" and "average plus". This shop will become the second for a brand in St. Petersburg and the first in a monocentral location.

In Vnukovo Outlet Village replenishment. Boutiques BOSCOFresh and BOSCO Sport were open. The mood of boutique BOSCOFresh is a retro style combined with automobile subject. The set of mirrors, cheerful and noble materials, the polished steel, a contrast play of claret and creamy gloss do space dynamic, sports, but at the same time very expedient. In boutique images of BOSCOFresh and BOSCO Sport shops merge together. Now in boutique two directions of clothes Fresh for active recreation in style sport stylish and patriotic, modern and such recognizable Sport collection are provided at once.

In Outlet Village White Giving and capital Shopping Center AVENUE Southwest new boutiques PODIUM market was opened, where in one place more than five hundred Russian and world brands for these judges of quality and unique design decisions are collected! In all provided PODIUM directions follows the recent fashionable trends, paying at the same time much attention to goods quality and comfort of clients.

The pond of clients of Luxe Retail was replenished with shop of the known British L.K. Bennett brand. The shop is in Shopping Center Metropolis.

L.K. Bennett has been based by Linda Christine Bennett in 1990. "The queen of heels" is known, first, for models of shoes on "a cat's heel". Kitten Heel is a small convenient heel from 2,5 to 5 cm which peak of popularity has fallen on the 50-60th years of the last century. Today women of all age thank L.K. Bennett for revitalization of this model convenient, elegant and just irreplaceable for the business woman living in beat the modern city.

For automation of trade process in all shopping facilities the complete complex of the equipment and the software, including high-reliable POS terminals of TOSHIBA with the cash POSX program and management system retail business of TradeX for supervisory of account about movement of goods with detailing on flowers, the sizes, collections, models, seasons, trademarks and merchants was set.

An integrated approach to automation of retail network allowed to create the information space of the company including the uniform standard of information exchange and execution of business processes. The possibilities of formation of the reporting put in system and automation of a warehouse allow to obtain incorrect and up-to-date information on a status of distributions, orders and sales.

Mutual integration of decisions, the dependable platform and high standards of support and service have formed the basis for continuation of cooperation of the well-known companies and Luxe Retail.

Information about companies:

Luxe Retail / one of the main leaders of the Russian market in the field of information technologies and consulting for the initiatives of retail and extensive trade. The company is a general supplier and the Center of Maintenance of POS Systems TOSHIBA, the certified partner of Microsoft and Oracle corporation. Luxe Retail has successfully realized about 5 000 projects on mechanization of the trading companies.

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