December 06, 2006

Borlas Retail and Element Store PC new solution for trade companies

December 06, 2006. Moscow. The Borlas Retail Company and the Element Store PC, which are strategic partners on the market of non-food enterprise complex automation, announce the issue of a new integrated solution for retail stores.

“We always offer our clients modern developments and at the moment we see that marketing researches are becoming an important tool for our customers, which helps them conquer” purchasers and correct trade processes to manage trade enterprises effectively. Thus we, with our company-partner Element Store PC, have united our efforts to create an integrated solution to receive the precise analysis of store attendance level, - the Borlas Retail General Director Liubov Rybakova outlined.

The mutual solution which combines the latest technologies of integrating customer counters in anti-theft equipment, supplied by the Element Store PC Company to the Russian market from the NEDAP Company and the program TradeXDoor module, developed by the Borlas Retail Company, is intended for accounting and analyzing the level of store attendance.
This integrated solution allows to complete automatic data collection and analytics maintenance as well as to process statistics of each store attendance level and compare it with the amount of customers during the same time and to receive an hour-to-hour report for any time period with such comparison.

Information about the companies

Borlas Retail (ZAO Borlas Retail) ( is the leader of Russian market in the region of information technologies and consulting for wholesale and retail enterprises. The Company is the IBM POS General Supplier, service center and Microsoft Certified Partner. According to its activity in 2003-2006 Borlas Retail became the Laureate of the professional award Golden Balance and was honoured with the IBM Company Main awards – IBM Solutions Provider Excellence 2004 and IBM Solution Provider Market Growth Achievement Award 2005.

The Element Store PC ( represents anti-theft equipment on the Russian market from world-known companies , offering their clients the best anti-theft systems and creating complex solutions on trade business safety. One of the Company’s considerable advantages is that it provides professional services. The Element store Company is the exclusive distributor of the NEDAP and PROTEX anti-theft systems on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.

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