September 14, 2006

Fashion Mart and Borlas Retail: successful beginning of cooperation

September 14, 2006. Moscow. The Borlas Retail Company announces the opening of the first Fashion Mart store in Russia on the base of the specialized TradeX software.

The opening of the first fashion clothes store took place in Moscow on September 7, 2006 in Maryino. Total floor space of the Fashion Mart store is 640 square meters and its trade space – 440 square meters. There are about 20 000 items of men’s and womens clothes.

The store offers the variety of famous European and American brands; however, it does not promote these brands.
The target of Fashion Mart is men and women aged 13-30.

The decision of choosing Borlas Retail as the supplier of the complex solution for the trade company was made by the Fashion Mart leadership as a result of a private tender. During the project Borlas Retail specialists automated the companys office, warehouse and the first store.
The Borlas Retail Company has installed the whole complex of equipment and software including the highly reliable IBM SurePOS BK POS-terminals with the PosX cash program, the TradeX retail business management system as well as the specialized trade equipment.
New stores are going to open in Moscow in he nearest future. The trade company is planning to open 200 stores in Russia.
As emphasized by the Fashion Mart General Director John Ortega: “Our choice in Borlas Retail favour is not fortuitous, weve chosen the best company and the best specialized solutions for managing our retail business in Russia...”

Information about the companies

Fashion Mart ( the fashion Mart General Director John Ortega had been some time ago managing the Clothestime Stores Inc. situated in Anaheim, California State, USA. This company was founded by John Ortega and Michael de Angelo in 1970. By 1994 the company already owned 578 stores in 23 states of America and in Puerto-Rico and the sales volume reached almost 400 million dollars.
In February 2005 John Ortega and Jeffery Combs opened the International Apparel Company. This company imports large clothes consignments of European and American brands, providing products for more than 200 from Vladivostok to Kiev (Ukraine). In January 2006 the company decided to expand its activity in the area of retail sales (considering the enormous experience of its leaders in this sphere). This is how the fashion Mart company was born.

Borlas Retail (ZAO Borlas Retail) ( is the leader of Russian market in the region of information technologies and consulting for wholesale and retail enterprises. The Company is the IBM POS General Supplier, service center and Microsoft Certified Partner. According to its activity in 2003-2006 Borlas Retail became the Laureate of the professional award Golden Balance and was honoured with the IBM Company Main awards IBM Solutions Provider Excellence 2004 and IBM Solution Provider Market Growth Achievement Award 2005.

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