December 05, 2005

The Bashkortostan Trade Centre the new client of Borlas Retail

December, 5, 2005. The Borlas Retail Company ( announces the beginning of the new complex automation project of the “Bashkortostan” Trade Centre (The Bashkortostan Republic, the Ufa city) using the specialized TradeX software.

The Bashkortostan Trade Centre ( is the matter of great social value of the Bashkortostan Republic and its capital, The Main Store of the Republic as the citizens of Ufa call it. The Bashkortostan Trade Centre is a three-storey building which has 35 000 square meters floor space.

At present the trade floor space exceeds 11 000 square meters and the whole number of employees – 1 100 people. Up to 50 000 customers use the services of the Centre every day. The Trade Centre offers a wide assortment of goods for women, men and children, household goods, commodities for sport, rest and tourism. From a pin to an elephant such slogan best characterizes the range of assortment of the Trade Centre today.

According to the results of a private tender, the leadership of the Bashkortostan Trade Centre made the decision to install the specialized solutions for the non-food sector offered by the Borlas Retail Company. In compliance with the signed contract Borlas Retail specialists are to install the specialized TradeX software as well as the modern equipment: IBM SurePOS BK POS-terminals with the PosX cash program and other specialized equipment.

As stated by the IT-service leader of the Bashkortostan Trade Centre Andrei Muhametianov: The software was being developed especially for the automation of retail non-food enterprises. Borlas Retail has a wide installation base, rich experience in software installation and a team of high-qualified specialists. The utmost undertime of the project installation and the specialties of trade processes organization of our enterprise have determined a small range of system integrators. As a result, the choice was made in Borlas Retail favour.

A Borlas Retail Partner is taking part in this project the DAT-Consulting Company which is realizing the project by developing a new scheme of zoning and processing the assortment strategy of the Trade Centre as well as by the reengineering the Organization’s business processes. The main goal of this project is to turn the Trade Centre into a modern universal store from the point of view of trade halls, assortment and represented marks as well as of the organization of trade processes.

According to the General Director of the DAT-Consulting Company Aleksei Dereviagin: The realization of the project by business processes reengineering can be regarded as a necessary preparatory stage for the installation of such a modern information system as TradeX, which increases the overall effectiveness of investment in information systems and technologies.


DAT-Consulting ( specializes in management system construction (including management systems based on standards as follows: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, OHSAS 18001) and the optimization of business processes including ones in retail trade, mathematic models construction for the optimization and assessment of advertising effectiveness and marketing activity, optimization of customers flow in trade objects and construction of automated business processes management systems and a electronic documents circulation on the platform (BPM systems).

Borlas Retail (ZAO Borlas Retail) ( is the leader of Russian market in the region of information technologies and consulting for wholesale and retail enterprises. The Company is the IBM POS General Supplier, service center and Microsoft Certified Partner. According to its activity in 2003-2005 Borlas Retail became the Laureate of the professional award Golden Balance and was honoured with the IBM Company Main award IBM Solutions Provider Excellence 2004. The Borlas Retail Company is a part of Borlas Consulting Group of Companies, which is the leader in the market of consulting and information technologies in Russia and CIS.

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