April 21, 2005

Borlas Retail automates Left Right footwear network.

April, 21, 2005. The Borlas Retail Company announces about signing of a contract on automation of the “Left Right” footwear network using the specialized TradeX software.

The office-warehouse and 7 footwear stores situated in Moscow Shopping Centers (TVERSKOI PASSAGE, RAMSTOR, OHOTNI RIAD, Auchan etc.) will be automated during the project. Left Right personnel will be taught how to work with TradeX and PosX software in the Borlas Retail Teaching Center.

The Left Right IT-service leader Ravil Belialetdinov remarked: Our choice in favour of Borlas Retail wasn’t accidental .The Company possesses many years experience and reliable reputation, proved by positive reports of their clients. Besides, Borlas Retail solutions were created and are developed specially for non-food market and therefore they almost dont need any additional customization or adaptation.


Left Right is a network of fashionable footwear and accessories in Moscow. The Company offers wide assortment of womens and mens footwear of different price categories of Italian and Russian production. Such trade marks as Diva, Leo Foscati, Design, Nazareno Giani, Evita, Wasko and others are represented in Left Right stores.

Borlas Retail (ZAO Borlas Retail) ( is the leader of the Russian market in the region of information technologies and consulting for wholesale and retail enterprises. The Company is the General Supplier, Service Center of IBM POS and Microsoft certified partner. According to its activity in 2003-2004 Borlas Retail has become the Laureate of the professional award Golden Balance and is honored with the Main IBM Company award IBM Solutions Provider Excellence 2004.

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