May 11, 2021

LYUBAVA has upgraded IT infrastructure of its stores

The LYUBAVA retail chain has improved the IT infrastructure of its stores in order to better manage cash registers, expand the capabilities of the loyalty program and improve the quality of customer service.


LYUBAVA is a retail chain with products of its own production, coffee shops and high-quality ready-made food, which operates in the format of near home shops. It was created by the Agricultural Union LYUBAVA in 2017. Now the agricultural holding has several dozen stores LYUBAVA in various regions of Russia.

In an effort to improve the quality of customer service and meet the latest technological trends, LYUBAVA has decided to update the cash register infrastructure of its stores. The project involved Russian companies: the IT service provider ASSIST 24 and the developer of software products Luxe Retail.

Instead of the previously used program POS-FIT-FR, the basis of the new IT infrastructure of the stores LYUBAVA was made up of:

 PosX Front Office program, designed for making purchases and transmitting data on cash transactions to the Back Office system in both online and offline modes;

 Visual POS Manager Middle Office system, used for online sales monitoring and centralized management of sales registers, prices, and discounts in all stores of the network;

 The Bonus loyalty program, aimed at building long-term trusting relationships with customers, attracting them, retaining them and encouraging them to make new purchases.

The new software products are integrated with the existing Back Office system of the LYUBAVA chain and together with it form a unified information space of the retailer. The retail chain has already noted an increase in the speed of customer service and the advantages of the new loyalty program, which has a broader and more flexible functionality in terms of accumulating and debiting bonuses and using gift cards. Also, at the cash nodes of the chain stores, for the convenience of customers, there are customer monitors, where information about purchases is displayed and advertising content is shown.

The new cash register infrastructure makes it easy to integrate with external IT services of LYUBAVA and continue to improve service processes. In particular, over time, it is planned to expand the sales area, in fact, to the entire store by using the iCOUNT mobile cash registers with loyalty server to avoid queues and increase customer satisfaction.

I know from my own experience as a customer that LYUBAVA store is not just an ordinary sales point, but a place where every guest is appreciated. Here you are welcome, here they try to organize the best service for you and offer natural products of their own production at fair prices. We, in turn, are happy to help the domestic manufacturer build a sincere and honest trading service with love for customers, said Lyubov Rybakova, CEO of Luxe Retail.


About the company:

Luxe Retail was created by Lyubov Rybakova in 2001 and today is one of the leaders of the Russian market of IT solutions for retail. The company provides stores, offices, warehouses of retail chains with systems of its own design for effective trade management, supplies retailers with cash register equipment, and provides technical services. The clients of Luxe Retail are well-known international and Russian brands. The companys portfolio of projects includes more than 12 500 open stores for more than 600 unique customers.

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