The Kleverens company

The Kleverens company — is the leader of the Russian market in the field of automation business of processes based on a codinng and radio-frequency identification (RFID). The high-technology company is engaged in developments of finished, box software products for terminals of data collection (TSD on Microsoft Windows/Android OS), the RFID equipment (RFID TSD, RFID printers, the stationary readers RFID) and also various tablets, smartphones on OC Android.

Fashion Consulting Group

Fashion Consulting Group is a company specializing in trainings and education for fashion industry professionals and marketing researches and consulting for non-food trade companies. The Company’s motto is "Fashion is business. Learn it".


AmmoPay is an automatic online POS-crediting service that allows customers to make installments for such categories of goods as clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, household goods, sports, recreation and creativity, costume jewelry, cosmetics, as well as services, for example beauty industry, etc. Detailed information about the company can be found on the site

OSMI Cards

OSMI Cards – ведущий провайдер по подключению бизнеса к технологии электронных карт Wallet (iOS) и PassWallet (Android). Компания предоставляет готовый набор IT-решений и создает инновационный маркетинговый сервис, в разы увеличивающий эффективность программ лояльности и коммуникаций с клиентами. География обслуживания компании - вся Россия от Москвы до Владивостока и страны СНГ.


“Napravlenie.RU” Internet agency develops Internet systems for enterprises of various fields. It provides such services as creation of information projects in the Internet, their technical supply and development based on modern programming technologies.

KUPIVIP.RU e-commerce services

KUPIVIP.RU e-commerce services is the e-commerce department of KUPIVIP.RU which specializes in launching, developing webshops and providing fulfilment services for brands. The company’s portfolio includes more than 20 web-shops, among which are official stores of Adidas, Levi’s, Nintendo and Tom Tailor.

"Element Store"

"Element Store" is a leader in integration and delivering of security systems for commercial enterprises.Our activities are: anti-thief equipment, people counting systems,  CCTV-video, RFID-projects and so on. At this moment "Element Store" serves more than 6 000 stores. Representation firms operate in 11 cities of Russian Federation and CIS, such as: Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kiev, Astana.

Eagle Technologies Company

Eagle Technologies Company specializes in designing, supplying and assembling integrated security systems (video surveillance systems, security fire signal systems, access control systems, alarm systems, metal detectors and anti-theft systems), as well as in satellite and radio television installment. The guarantee supply for the technical service program lasts up to 5 years.

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