The specialized TradeX software is designed for effective goods flow control for wholesale-retail trade enterprises - boutiques, stores, store networks selling clothes, footwear and accessories, children, sports and household goods, souvenirs and presents, cosmetics and perfumery; department stores, shopping malls and trade centers.

TradeX Basic Functions
  • retail sales management;
  • wholesale management;
  • supplier settlements;
  • tracking formation and orders by suppliers;
  • management of goods flow between trade sites;
  • price control and price lists formation on sites;
  • organizing work with discounts and discount programs;
  • operative analytical reports essential for making decisions regarding trade business management and development;
  • forming basic documents required by legislation;
  • centralized trade units management.
TradeX Advantages
  • scale system - from boutique, store, department store, shopping centre to store network with regional offices and sites;
  • unique tracking according to such characteristics as color and size;
  • working in suppliers coding and colour code;
  • working with seasons;
  • original method of filling documents according to colors and sizes;
  • user-friendly in working with documents:
  • adjustable interface of inputting documents;
  • user restrictions when editing specific information;
  • capability of using various system instruments;
  • apability of using automated operations when filling out documents (automated price, discount, amount substitution);
  • apability of using various external facilities when filling out documents (scanner, portable data collection terminals etc.).
  • ability of document error correction;
  • unique algorithms of filling documents for supplier settlements;
  • developed logistical system which automates both the operation of order formation to the supplier and the operation of goods replenishment; tracking clients orders; replenishment operation includes 5 different algorithms for distribution of goods remains between stores and warehouses, envisages algorithms for solving problematic situations in case of goods shortage (prioritizing sites, allocating the certain share of goods to each store), allows maximum convenience for tracking and editing distribution results, using table form;
  • fast method of commodity reassessment using one document; multiple price-lists;
  • effective discounts manager - choice and combination of various discount schemes;
  • opportunity of individual work with a client, tracking clients purchase history;
  • dynamic and operative analytical reports, which contain data that can be changed with sorting levels, high speed of report formation:
  • large amount of standard reports and documents;
  • allows to connect to user reports;
  • allows to access analytical reports in table form and graphical illustration;
  • model illustration reports.
  • reviewing goods remains on any site of a trade enterprise or a network;
  • unique mechanisms of controlling and actualizing goods remains;
  • allows to store receipts according to sales, statistical and analytical reports on receipts;
  • data exchange between trade sites via internet, diskettes, modem;
  • economical method of information exchange between databases, minimal traffic, security;
  • high speed data processing;
  • simplicity and high speed of system renewal ;
  • database and functions access control;
  • wide variety of service utilities: from check-ups to base correction;
  • close connection with Microsoft Office products, capability of transferring necessary data to EXCEL, loading directories and documents in a batch and dialogue mode from EXCEL;
  • using Microsoft SQL Server;
  • capability of integration with accounting programs and external analytical systems (KAISA);
  • unique adjustable user-friendly formats which allow using TradeX with other equipment.
TradeX Technical Support
  • "hotline " and software support;
  • legislation renewal support;
  • new version edition 2-3 times a year.
TradeX Based Solutions

1. Store/ Boutique

2. Store network / Boutique network

3. Store / boutique networks that have only cash registers without - back-office program

4. Department Store/ Trade Centre

TradeX Integration Effect

TradeX Integration allows:
  • integrating all trade-purchase processes in one system - ability to conduct effective trade process management audit;
  • revealing ineffective process segments - in order to assess rent ability in terms of trade spaces for purchase an sales managers;
  • providing top-managers effective means of work with size-color matrixes, which can be an efficient sales analysis instrument for purchase orders formation and trading space product placement;
  • creating a system for retrieving factors that influence product-monetary instruments and using the information for constructing dynamic sales models;
  • effective control of every staff member in the sales sector and personal control of every manager;
  • avoiding errors that are frequent when printing in the same information several times, which allows organizing faster and better work of the services covering all business processes;
  • active use of statistics, which will further become analytical base, allowing flexible and fast planning system that promotes business development.
Conclusion: Trade enterprise managers have several basic reasons to use TradeX software for their business -
  • To increase competitive ability, to strive for success and profitability of a trade enterprise.
  • To allow effective control of a trade enterprise and operative management and analysis of every staff member's work.
  • To analyze and forecast trade-purchase effectiveness of the trade enterprise.
  • To optimize stock supplies and to keep them on the level required on all sites.
  • To effectively analyze client purchase history and work individually with every client.
TradeX is an officially registered software product. Luxe Retail has all exclusive rights for TradeX circulation and distribution in Russia.

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