Front-Office POSX is provided for registration of merchandise sale operations and trade services. The program works in the Linux operation system.

POSX Basic Functions
  • organizing cash and non-cash goods sales and service;
  • accounting money resources;
  • forming reports;
  • distinguishing rights of cashiers and managers for access to software operations;
  • exchanging data with Back-Office program in Off-Line and On-Line modes.
POSX advantages
  • resistance of database and OS to vottage drop, free Linux software;
  • organization of remote POS administration, logging and viewing operation of POS and cashiers;
  • possibility to adjust the program to a client's needs;
  • possibility of using graphic interface.


  • transfer of receipts into the trade system right after the payment;
  • viewing stock within the whole chain;
  • viewing information about clients on a POS;
  • appointing several sales assistance on a POS;
  • pending receipt mode;
  • working with corners, linking goods to a particular area of a store;
  • development of the automatic discount providing system;
  • control of manual discounts: every manual discount can demand to indicate a reason; the percent of a manual discount can be chosen from the list of the autorezed ones;
  • working with gift certificates;
  • providing deferred discounts as bonuses and discounts for the next purchase;
  • registration of a return receipt with a reference to the sales receipt. Control of the conditions of goods return - payments of the return will correspond to the payment type in the sales receipt;
  • total control of cashier's operation;
  • possibility of multiple forms of payments in a receipt;
  • selling goods by local code, manufacturer's barcode, weight code;
  • searching goods in directories by group, name, context;
  • control of stock in a trade system when including goods in a receipt;
  • working with discount cards with magnet stripe and barcode.
POSX Technical Support
  • "Hot Line";
  • software maintenance;
  • support of changes in legislation;
  • issuing new versions of the program once-twice a year.
Cashier's Workplace Automation Solution on POSX - Front Office Program Basis

1. Solution based on POS-terminal

Description of the Solution:

IBM full-function POS-terminal is used to organize cashier workplaces. Linux operational system and POSX cash program are installed on it. Bar-code scanners, fiscal printer and modem may be used as additional equipment.

  • extended functionality;
  • workability;
  • cashier workplace ergonomics;
  • modern design;
  • high reliability of equipment and software at intensive operation.
2. Solution based on the personal computer and fiscal registrar

Description of the Solution:

The fiscal registrar (for example, ШТРИХ-M-ФР-K) is connected to a personal computer. IBM POS-terminal without a fiscal card and a check printer may be used instead of the computer. The Linux operational system and POSX cash program are installed to the computer. A scanner is connected to the computer for goods bar-code reading. The special POS-keyboard (with the built-in magnetic card reader) can be connected instead of the usual keyboard. In case of using the usual computer keyboard, it is necessary to connect an external magnetic card reader for reading discount cards. In addition, to make a cash place complete, it is possible to connect an external display of the customer.

  • minimization of expenses for organizing cashier workplace;
  • opportunity of using the whole functionality of the POSX cash program;
  • opportunity of drawing up a fiscal check in a single sale cycle;
  • saving investments into earlier purchased equipment, software, personnel training when turning to POS-terminals.
  • unsuccessful ergonomics and design of cashier workplace.
Conclusion: While making a choice of the cashier workplace automation solution, the trade company executive should start with enterprise development trends. The Luxe Retail Company is ready to satisfy the Customers and their business-requirements and to make the most optimum offer in terms of price and functionality.

© The POSX® Front Office is a registered software product. The Luxe Retail Company has all exclusive rights for duplicating and distributing POSX® in the Russian Federation..

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