Datalogic QuickScan QD2430, 2D (ЕГАИС)
Datalogic QuickScan QD2430, 2D (USAIS)

Сканер-имиджер QD2400 QuickScan™ 2D специально разработан для удовлетворения потребностей предприятий розничной торговли и ответа на рыночный спрос, имеет доступную цену и высочайшую производительность всенаправленного считывания практически всех существующих символик. Устройство сочетает в себе элегантный дизайн, компактный, легкий сбалансированный корпус и непревзойдённую долговечность, которой отличаются все устройства Datalogic.

Metrologic MS9520, MS9540 Voyager

Metrologic MS9520 / MS9540 series handheld laser scanners, vested in futuristic forms and impressively productive, are the leaders on the market of scanners with automatic activation. The stands, included into the supplied set, allow using scanners as sttionary devices.

Metrologic 1200g Voyager USB
Metrologic 1200g Voyager USB

The laser Voyager 1200g USB scanner - the excellent decision for scanning of the linear bar codes! The scanner possesses excellent characteristics of scanning and reliable construction. The device recognizes and decodes bar codes of any complexity: strongly damaged and badly printed, low-quality and contaminated. Due to functions of detection of objects and setup of a configuration and also automatic detection of installation on a support throughput increases.

Motorola LS 2208

Innovative, handheld, highly effective scanner with the reading element, performed by liquid injection molding technology (LIM), and a built-in shock-proof protection provides excellent productivity, unprecedented trustworthiness and high ergonomic qualities, creating mobile environment which increases labour productivity.

Motorola DS4308
Motorola DS4308

Scanners of new generation DS4308 Motorola Solutions use the most advanced technologies of image processing of Motorola, allowing to scan quickly a bar code at any angle in a broad range, corresponding to needs of any applications for different branches of production, medicine, a retail, providing ergonomics, flexibility and high performance.

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