Effective operation management and tracking of results of making decisions is important aspect of development of retail chain stores. Daily data collection from various information systems: trade, cash, and warehouse and office programs and applications for their subsequent analysis represents labor-intensive process. For receipt of analytical reports spreadsheets, work with which is complicated in case of significant increase in amount of data, are traditionally used, at the same time the accuracy and efficiency of provision of reports suffers that has negative effect on timeliness of the made decisions.

The system of the business analysis of the Luxe Retail company provides to retail trading companies the prepared instrument for the analysis of sales and business performance. The decision is developed on the Oracle BI platform based on standard requirements to the analytical reporting in retail trade.

Basic structural elements of system:

  • the readjusted storage of data on the Oracle BI SE One platform and Microsoft SQL to which data from any source can be imported;

  • report forms on subject domains: Sales, Efficiency, Inventories, Checks, Personnel, Plan-Fact, Attendance, etc.

The system of the business analysis quickly provides the stabilized and reliable information in the main directions of trade business. Commodity, temporary and territorial hierarchies provide fast and detailed access to the analyzed data.

Owners of the company, using BI the decision, can quickly receive data on sales with disaggregation on the region, shop, etc. and to estimate business performance by the set criteria.

Buyers can track results of sales within a collection and groups of goods, adjusting the purchasing company of the next season based on these data.

Managers receive a detailed picture on a stock status, attendance of shops, the amount of the average check, dynamics of sales in comparison with the last periods: on months, years, weeks, days, by the chosen dates and carry out comparison of sales according to the exhaustive list of parameters.

Main functions and benefits of system of the business analysis of Luxe Retail:

  • the simple and clear interface of the web browser with the adjusted access level protects data from unauthorized viewing;
  • time of preparation of analytical reports is considerably reduced;
  • a possibility of the operational analysis of the course of sales and the size of inventories up to a goods item, both by all company, and on each shop;
  • the possibility of sales planning based on results of last periods is realized;
  • users can independently create reports within the powers;
  • works on implementation of standard system consist in check and initial downloading data in storage and occupy no more than ten working days;
  • standard reports on subject domains reflect business processes of the company and allow users to chief analytical system quickly;
  • the system is integrated with other accounting systems, for example with products of SAP, Microsoft, 1C and others;
  • the enclosed documentation contains exhaustive information on structure of storage and procedures of loading of data. On its basis users can independently develop the decision, creating new subject domains and reports;

Architecture of system

Depending on solvable tasks one of project implementation types can be chosen:

Standard - for the companies working with the trade TradeX system. Due to use of the standard readjusted storage of data corresponding to the current TradeX version the integrity and consistency of data is provided, and the minimum terms of the project are observed.

Integration - is implemented by the companies using various trade or enterprise resource planning. The storage of data is modified under requirements of information systems. Integration with analytical system is implemented. Such project can include consolidation of data from several territorial bases and their loading in storage. Besides, completion existing and creation of new reports and interactive panels is provided.

Individual - is expected the companies from various industries which create the system of the analysis for unique and difficult business of processes. In this case, the new structure of storage and the mechanism of loading of data is created, integration with ERP systems and the used databases is carried out. During creation of reports and interactive panels the available forms, scenarios of the analysis and measure calculations of efficiency are used.

Luxe Retail offers technical support and development of system, including:

  • modification and addition of structure of storage of data;

  • integration of storage of data with information systems;

  • creation of new reports;

  • administration of the decision;

  • consultations on use of the decision.

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