"First of all I would like to mention the people. Experts of the highest class are working in our company. It is a team that represents a blend of long-term experience, huge diligence, professionalism and desire to work together. These people are experts in trade information technologies and they have a unique experience of development, implementation and maintenance of trade management systems of various complexity levels. The experience of many of them directly in some trade companies is our valuable advantage and our potential for development. For many years practically all the employees have worked in companies which are the leaders in trade automation and have certificates of international standards. 

However, the most important aspect, and it was already mentioned by the clients, is that this perfect team is ready to meet all business requirements of the customer, suggesting precise and beneficial solutions for the clients. 

Our approach in building and implementing trade automation systems is based on the most up-to-date technologies and software which take into account foreign and local practical experience of operating similar systems and requirements of a particular customer. We are always ready to find a solution to all clients’ problems and provide them a complex "turn-key" solution". 

Luxe Retail CEO Liubov Rybakova

Film about the company (2009 year) 

Film "10 years together with you" (september 2011)

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