Within the project of start of official Russian online store of a brand of Salamander provided in our country by the company, specialists of Luxe Retail carried out integration of accounting systems of Salamander and Data exchange between the system of merchandising TradeX which is earlier implemented by our specialists, and interfaces was adjusted.

As a result, the Salamander online store received the flexible platform with a possibility of additions and improvements and unique design, adapted both for computers, and for mobile devices considering all display resolutions. On the website of shop, it is possible to choose and order goods from the wide range of women's and men's shoes under brands of Salamander, Ara and others. In the closest plans of the company – to integrate the loyalty program of Salamander which is already working offline into online store and to add new convenient Omni-channel services.

In 2017, there came the stage of obligatory application of new rules of use of the cash registers (CR) in retail chain stores according to the federal law 54 "About introduction of amendments to the Federal law "About Use of the Control and Cash Equipment in case of Implementation of Cash Calculations and (or) Calculations with Use of Payment Cards", accepted in 2016. Specialists of Luxe Retail actively help the acting and new clients of the company with adaptation of processes of their work with Pos-terminal to updated requirements of the legislation, including:

— conduct all works on upgrade, connection and servicing of Pos-terminal established in shops

— render services in repair of Pos-terminal and fiscal registrars and quarterly preventive maintenance of Pos-terminal,

— advise users concerning work with Pos-terminal and PO, to remote administration, online monitoring of correctness of transfer of checks in OFD, etc.


This year our company found a new name: Luxe Retail. Change of the name was intended to reflect more fully and brightly, on the one hand, proximity of the company to her clients (among which – a set luxury, known in Russia and around the world trademarks of fashionable business) and, on the other hand, to emphasize high quality of the services rendered by specialists of the company.

Within a year, the company realized a set of projects of creation of modern IT infrastructure for the leading retail chain stores. New boutiques of premium brands Max Mara and Etro in shopping center Fashion House Outlet Centre Moscow and in Evropolis shopping mall, shops of the Italian TWIN-SET trademarks from Simona Barbieri and Marella in Vnukovo Outlet Village, BOSCO Sport and BOSCOFresh shops in capital Outlet Village White Giving and in Adler Broadcasting Company of "City Plaza", BOSCOFresh in Fashion-gallery Shopping Center AVIAPARK and laboratory of beauty ARTICOLI by BOSCO in Shopping Center Smolensky passage, shop of the British L.K brand became our clients. Bennett in Shopping Center Metropolis, boutiques PODIUM market in capital Shopping Center LOTTE PLAZA, Evropeysky shopping Center, Outlet Village White Giving and Shopping Center AVENUE Southwest (all – Moscow), InWear Matinique shop in the St. Petersburg Shopping Center STOCKMANN, Lady & Gentleman CITY department store in the Arkhangelsk Broadcasting Company "the TITAN the ARENA", shops of corporate salons of footwear Ralf Ringer in the Moscow Columbus shopping Center, Toole and the Astrakhan Yarmarka shopping Center, boutique Gap in the Kiev Sky Mall shopping Center.

For automation of business processes on these and other objects the software developed by specialists of Luxe Retail was established: management system trade TradeX and cash PosX program. The mutual integration of decisions checked by years of successful work the IT platform and high standards of support and field service of Luxe Retail formed the basis for continuation of cooperation of the known brands with our company. An integrated approach to automation of shops allowed to create the information space including the single standard of exchange of information and accomplishment of business processes – from head office to shops and warehouses. The possibilities of forming of the reporting pledged in IT decisions and automation of a warehouse allowed to obtain correct and up-to-date information about a condition of deliveries, orders and sales. Thanks to application of developments of Luxe Retail clients received tools for more operational and correct business solutions, improvements of service quality of buyers, increases in competitiveness of the retail chain stores.

The magazine "Boutique" devoted the heading "Success History" of Liubov Rybakova, to the CEO of Luxe Retail. In article, it is in detail told about how it passed away from the school teacher and the office manager to the owner of leading company of the market of IT systems for trade and recognition as the Business person of year.


This year special attention was paid to development of specialized products which are most demanded now by retail networks: to a management system trade floor of VPM, Bonus program, loyalty program TradeXCRM.

The new software product - the TradeXCB (TradeXCashBook) module is issued. It is intended for creation and storage of documents according to the cash accounting - PKO, RKO, KO-4 (Cash book) and the documents connected using the control and cash equipment - KM3, KM4, KM6, KM7.

The module works with use of the WEB INTERFACE in connection to office base TradeX and to base of the checks stored in VPM.

This year Borlas Retail confirms the highest partner status from Microsoft corporation again – Gold Certified Partner and the status of Platinum Partner from Oracle corporation.

This year shops and boutiques of the following known trademarks were among new clients of Borlas Retail: TWIN-SET from Simona Barbieri, Jacob Cohen, the Angel of Concept, Brooks Brothers and many others.


Borlas Retail confirms the highest partner status from Microsoft corporation again – Gold Certified Partner and the status of Platinum Partner from Oracle corporation.

Projects of year. The software in the Central office of the company is established and such supermarkets, sign for the Russian fashion market, as Central Department Store (Moscow) and LDT (St. Petersburg) and separate shops in the largest shopping centers of Moscow are automated: Outlet Village Belaya Dacha, Shopping Center Vremena goda, Shopping Center Evropark, Afimoll City Shopping Center, Barvikha Luxury Village.

During the Borlas Retail Project It established a full range of the software, including the cash PosX program and a management system a trade floor of VPM, and executed integration with Enterprise resource planning of the Microsoft Dynamics AX company.

The unique department store Grandezza in Baku was automated in April by the Borlas Retail company.

The department store is located on the central city street – on Trade. The known European clothing brands and accessories are widely provided to Grandezza. 142 brands are now provided. It is important to note that collections of most brands are exposed in Baku for the first time. We will list some: Who is Who, Ted Baker, Napapijri, French Connection, 7 for All Mankind, Iceberg, Versus, Desigual, Stuart Weitzman, L.K.Bennett, Bric's, Mandarina Duck.

For automation of retail trade, the decision to use the specialized software of TradeX, the cash PosX program, a management system a trade floor of VPM and the specialized decision on customer relationship management (CRM) was made. Thus, the following approach was chosen: to use for each task the best decision in the class.

This year there are shops of attributes of football club "Anzhi", Boardriders, Barret, Lee, Wrangler and many others among new clients of Borlas Retail.


Borlas Retail receives the status of Platinum Partner from Oracle corporation.

Projects of year. In federal retail network where more than 80 shops across all Russia enter, the end-to-end decision which unites several our products is created: cash ON PosX, the Bonus and CRM systems, the decision of VPM for centralized data management, parameters of cash desks and discounts. Thus, the client received broad functionality according to discount programs, gift certificates, bonuses, and the company – management of loyalty of retail clients. Integration of Borlas Retail software products from the existing ERP is realized.

The second project was carried out for the Russian network of sportswear and stock of the Intersport brand. The task – in short terms to transfer all shops to new modern IT infrastructure. Practically all decisions from a product portfolio of the company were implemented: it and a management system retail business - TradeX, both the cash PosX program, and the decision of VPM, and, at last, the Bonus system. Are executed integration with IT systems an outsource warehouses. The created complex of IT systems completely closes the tasks set by the client in the field of management of retail business, work with clients, the reporting and fault tolerance.

ANO Organizing Committee Sochi 2014 and the General partner of the XXII Olympic winter Games of 2014 in the city of Sochi the BOSCO company signed the license agreement according to which BOSCO acquires the rights to the organization and management of the Olympic shops of Sochi 2014. Automation of process of trade was undertaken by Borlas Retail. Management of a trading activity in all shops of network is based on a centralized basis based on the TradeX system which accumulates information arriving from each shop. Work with discounts and discount programs supports both centralized actions within all network Bosco di Ciliegi, and local discount programs for brands, shops or a seasonal goods.

The functionality of system includes also a option of work with mobile devices – terminals of data collection. The system obtains sales information from the cash PosX program installed on a workplace of the cashier.

This year there are Yamamay, Miki House, ODRI, Outfit, Vans and many others among new clients of Borlas Retail.


Borlas Retail confirms the highest partner status from Microsoft corporation again – Gold Certified Partner and the status of Gold Partner from Oracle corporation.

This year special attention was paid to development of specialized products which are most demanded now by retail networks. The loyalty program TradeXCRM – the advanced management tool loyalty - intended for expansion of functionality of the program TradeX complex on management of relations with retail clients, actively developed, adding new functionality.

Transition of the analytical decision to the new Oracle Business Intelligence 11g platform took place. The Oracle BI 11g platform gives additional opportunities for visualization of data, including new schedule types, additional interactive opportunities and supports different types of hierarchical representations.

The new TradeX Reports software product is issued. It is the system of preparation and distribution of reports by means of the WEB INTERFACE based on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services technology. Includes all reports of TradeX which are available now. Additional navigation opportunities of movement according to the report and between reports are given, to a possibility of export to not interactive formats, including export to Excel, both with preservation of formatting, and without it.

This year there are Carhartt WIP, FOTT Shop, Lady & Gentleman CITY, GEOX and many others among new clients of Borlas Retail.



On September 30 Borlas Retail celebrates its 10th anniversary. The celebration party gathers Borlas Retail employees with souses, clients, partners and just friends. The participants reminisce the milestones of team creation, make declarations of love to Borlas Retail and Liubov Rybakova, award the company’s “old-timers” and honour its very first clients – those whose faith and support 10 years ago made possible further successes of Borlas Retail.

The number of clients exceeds 450 retail chains, herewith the amount of chain stores which use Borlas Retail solutions in their work already approximates 5 000. 

Considering the market need for mobile solutions Borlas Retail issues a group of products intended for providing mobility and efficiency of modern management operation: 

«TradeXMobile: Sale Assistant», which reflects all information on goods (photo, available colours, sizes, stock in store and all over the chain, prices, discounts); 

«TradeXMobile: Documents», designed for creating and editing goods flow documents using a mobile data terminal; 

«TradeXMobile: Mobile Print», which allows printing labels when receiving goods, labeling in the sales area or carrying out full reassessment on the spot without attracting extra staff.

The company’s new developments are taken with interest by the market, a number of clients starts their implementation into their everyday work.


Borlas Retail again confirms the highest Microsoft partner status – Gold Certified Partner – and gains the Gold Partner status of Oracle Corporation.

In December Borlas Retail CEO Liubov Rybakova is recognized the Business Person of the Year on the fashion market on PROfashion Publishing House awarding ceremony. During the ceremony the fashion industry professionals make a resume of the passing year and award the most distinguished ones. Receiving the award, Liubov Rybakova says: “This is the award of the whole Borlas Retail team of professionals, of our partners and customers. I am happy that many of our clients have become the winners today and hope that a particle of our work has helped them to do so…» 

«Finam FM» radio station invites Borlas Retail CEO to “They did it!” program broadcast. Elena Likhachiova’s program is devoted to successful Russian businessmen. Liubov Rybakova, too, tells her success story to the presenter.

SurePrint BK POS developed by Borlas Retail specialists on the base of IBM receipt printer was officially registered. When creating SurePrint BK POS the company has taken into account all its years of experience in trade automation and development of Front Office and fiscal solutions for POS-systems.

The project of the year is the complex automation of the largest “Tsvetnoy” department store which has been recently built in Moscow. The project is unique in terms of scale and technologies of building a unique information system and trade activity analysis. The trade system is closely integrated with ERP-solution, which gives considerably wider possibilities for business management. 

This year Borlas Retail clients are QUIZ, Cluev, Kerimoff, Time Out and many other companies.


Borlas Retail summarizes the results of its 8-year operation: TradeX system, the company’s flagman product, is installed in already 400 retail chains. It is used as the main trade system in over 4 000 stores in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. 

According to the results of fiscal year 2008, which finished in June, the best partners of the Microsoft corporation were announced. Borlas Retail is one of them in the “Companies-developers” category.

It is for the third time that TradeX Back Office, developed by Borlas Retail specialists, successfully passes the testing within the framework of Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions program in compatibility with two components – Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft Windows Client. The certification of this system in compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7 is also successfully completed.

Borlas Retail develops and issues specialized “Bonus” and “Queue Buster” programs. The first one allows automating all operations connected with issuing and servicing bonus cards, which considerably reduces costs on this activity, the second is designed for accelerating cashiers’ work when having a large number of customers.

Among new projects it’s worth mentioning the installation of business analysis system based on Oracle BI in Companys and InWear/Matinique chain stores. Trade companies acknowledge the relevance of analytical solutions which are represented by Borlas Retail.

The number of Borlas Retail customers this year comprises GAP, Nike, Modniy Alliance, Private Space and many others.


The 10th European business conference of IBM business partners «Retail Store Solutions Business Partner Retail University 2008» takes place in Greece. Borlas Retail gets «Solution Provider Market Growth Achievement Award» for the impressing results.

Borlas Retail also receives professional award in the trade sphere for complex automation project for Bosco di Ciliegi chain stores.

The company issues new software on Microsoft technologies – Visual Pos Manager (VPM). It is Middle Office, intended for trade companies with a large number of points-of-sale.

Among new Borlas Retail clients are: «Planeta kolgotok», SMYK, ETAM, «Yakimanka» children gallery, DPAM and many others.


Borlas Retail receives the professional “Golden Balance – 2007” award of the retail market for complex automation of “BANANA-MAMA” children store network.

Complex automation project for Marks & Spencer department store network, realized by Borlas Retail, becomes one of the nominees for CNews AWARDS, “Trade modernization (IT in trade)” nomination.

Borlas Retail joins Top 100 Business Partners 2006 of IBM Company according to the results of the year 2006. 

Borlas Retail gets the highest partner status from Microsoft Corporation – Gold Certified Partner.

The 96th «Retail's Big Show 2007» International Conference devoted to retail trade, takes place in New York (USA) in January 2007. The latest solutions for retail from the world’s leaders were represented at the exhibition. The visitors showed particular interest towards solutions of IBM and its partners, Borlas Retail among them.  

Meanwhile Borlas Retail itself becomes partners with companies in the CIS countries: Ukraine and Belarus. This way, the company’s business goes beyond the boundaries of Russia.

Borlas Retail clients this year are Bosco di Ciliegi group of companies, Fornarina, PTA, Salamander, Centrepoint, Kira Plastinina, Podium, Quiksilver and many others.

A corporate information system which has included vertical branch ERP-solution Footwear&Apparel Distribution Solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and the specialized Borlas Retail TradeX Back Office, was created within the framework of the project for Quiksilver.

The year was marked by the issuing of a new Borlas Retail product – a business analysis system based on Oracle BI software. It allows carrying out diversified complex data analysis and herewith is fully integrated with TradeX Back Office. The first successful installation of the analytical system takes place in Camel Active chain stores.


Borlas Retail successfully passes the certification of VeriTest company for the second time according to «Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions» program by the following components: Windows Client and SQL Server 2005.

According to the results of the year 2005 Borlas Retail is given «Solution Provider Market Growth Achievement Award» for the impressing results on the 8th European conference of IBM business partners «Retail Store Solutions Business Partner Retail University 2006» in Monaco.

Borlas Retail receives the professional “Golden Balance” award for complex automation of Marks & Spencer department store network.

Borlas Retail and «Element Store» company, who are strategic partners, announce the issuing of a new integrated solution for retail stores. The solution, which combines the latest technologies of integrating customer counters in NEDAP anti-theft equipment, supplied by “Element Store”, and TradeXDoor program module from Borlas Retail, is designed for the accounting and analysis of customer attendance as well as for providing trade security.

New Borlas Retail clients include DEBENHAMS department store, Christian Dior boutique, Chanel boutique, Omega boutique, «Europe» shopping mall (Kaliningrad), PEACOCKS department stores, Fashion Mart stores, FOX, La Scala, Marella and many others.


Borlas Retail becomes the Laureate of the “Golden Balance” award for the third time in the nomination “Complex automation of clothes, footwear, perfumery and accessories stores”.

IBM Corporation assigns Borlas Retail company IBM Premier Business Partner 2005 status for the second time in a row according to the results of its performance. Borlas Retail was honoured with IBM main award for the year 2004 – Business Partner Excellence Award Winner on the 7th IBM International Conference «Retail Store Solutions Education Conference 2005» in Long Beach (USA).

Borlas Retail company was given a certificate of INPAS company, which confirms that PosX Front Office developed by Borlas Retail team meets the requirements of interaction with PULSAR software and hardware complex.

This year Borlas Retail customers are Russian representatives and stores of British largest clothes producer – Marks & Spencer, Swiss Swatch concern, «Bashkortostan» shopping mall, Oblicie, Esprit, Rosner, Benetton, Camel Active chain stores and others. The integration of TradeX Back Office with “Chocolate Lilly” Internet-store was realized during one of the projects.


Borlas Retail becomes the winner of the All-Russian “Golden Merchant” competition of trade, stock and logistics technologies for the second time in the nomination «For the best solution in the sphere of complex automation of non-food trade enterprises».

Borlas Retail CEO Liubov Rybakova was recognized the winner of “Golden Merchant” competition in the nomination “For the private contribution to the development of modern information technologies for trade enterprises».

Borlas Retail successfully passes certification of VeriTest company according to the program «Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions» (test on Microsoft platform as an independent supplier of his solution) by the following components: Windows Client and SQL Server.  "VeriTest certification is indicative of high quality of the product we develop - Borlas Retail technical director Dmirtiy Posudin highlighted – and shows that TradeX Back Office is an industrial solution for retail chains".

IBM East Europe/Asia diploma «For dynamic development and considerable achievements in promoting solutions on IBM Retail Store Solutions platform for trade enterprises» in Russia in 2003 is presented to Borlas Retail team.

According to the results of the “Everything for trade in XXI century” All-Russian rating Borlas Retail becomes the Laureate of the “Golden Balance” Award for the second time in a row in the nomination “Complex automation of non-food chain stores». 

Borlas Retail launches a new partner program: it has developed a complex program and documents intended for the certification of regional companies as Partners and has created programs for training and partner cooperation.

Among the projects it is worth especially highlighting complex automation of the Olympic Equipping Centre organized in order to provide the members of the Russian team with sports and dress uniform for the participation in the upcoming Olympic Games-2004 in Athens.

Another interesting project of Borlas Retail is the automation of «BANANÀ-MAMA kids cash&carry» trade centre.



Borlas Retail receives the “Golden Merchant” award and becomes the winner in the nomination “The best solution in the sphere of complex automation of non-food chain stores». 

The company becomes the laureate of the “Golden Balance” Award in the nomination «The best solution of complex automation of non-food chain stores» according to the results of the “Everything for the trade in the XXI century” nationwide rating.

The company is actively developing its relations with the largest vendors – software developers. For example, Borlas Retail receives Microsoft Certified Partner Status, and the IBM (IBM Retail Store Solutions) acknowledges Borlas Retail successful performance with a diploma «For the best complex solution of non-food trade enterprise automation based on IBM technologies».

Borlas Retail specialists automated 207 stores to the end of the year 2003.


Borlas Retail establish partner relations with IBM company. The company becomes its business partner, general supplier and certified centre of technical maintenance of IBM cash equipment. 

Borlas Retail successfully completes automation projects for the stores of the following trade companies: Swell Sport, «Dikovina», Parad, Bruno Magli, InWear/Matinique, Benetton, Naf Naf, Chevignon, Wolford, Swatch, Levi’s, RipCurl,  GAS, REPLAY, Energie, Miss Sixty and Address.


Borlas Retail company was founded in September 2001. Since the first days of its existence it starts developing its software, the first of which are as follows:

- TradeX Back Office, intended for effective management of goods flow in retail and wholesale enterprises dealing with non-food goods;

- PosX Front Office, designed for registering sales operations.

Borlas Retail starts negotiations on cooperation with the leading companies-producers of equipment for information networks of trade enterprises. 

The first stage of the automation project for the company’s first client – “SportGrad” chain stores – is successfully completed.

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