October 13, 2008. Borlas Retail Company was awarded with the “Golden Balance 2008” for Bosco di Ciliegi complex automation project.

On October 7, 2008 Borlas Retail Company became the laureate of the Golden Balance 2008 award of the National Trade Association. The awarding ceremony took place within the framework of the XI annual Trade in Russia summit, which united owners and managers of the largest retail networks.

Borlas Retail received the award for the project of Bosco di Ciliegi Group of Companies complex automation. 60 stores in Moscow and Russian regions as well as beauty salons in Moscow had been automated within the project, which lasted a year.

Within the project the TradeX retail back-office system and POS-terminals with the PosX front office were installed and the personnel was trained in the Borlas Retail Teaching Centre.

The fundamental part of the project was the installation of TradeX software for managing fashion store networks. This back-office system supports classifiers maintenance, forming orders to the supplier, pricing and goods flow documents formation. With the help of TradeX goods accounting in stores and boutiques is kept precisely within to model, colour and size. Apart from traditional ones, there are now qualifiers of seasons, types of stocks, kinds of cargoes, trade marks, collections and themes in the accounting system.

One of the most important demands of the Customer was the functionality connected with loyalty program maintenance. Now that the project is finished an automate discount manager is working in stores and boutiques, which allows to control POS time and date of automate discount provision, to limit discounts on discount cards and to provide them only on a certain list of goods. The algorithm of accumulative discounts on discount cards in which the percent of the discount on a card is put in dependence on a total sum of a client’s purchases has been realised. High manufacturability of the solution, wide geographical frameworks of the project as well as satisfaction of the Bosco di Ciliegi company with the results have allowed Borlas Retail to become the winner of the Golden Balance professional award this year, annually awarded for professionalism and introduction of trade technologies in Russia.

Liubov Rybakova, Borlas Retail CEO:

"For us the project of Bosco di Ciliegi complex automation is an example of effective interaction between a customer and an executive, resulting in not only successful projects but also in such high assessment of business community as the presented to us Golden Balance award. Bosco di Ciliegi is one of the most high tech companies on our market, and this success means that the Borlas Retail Company meets the highest demands which can be made by our customers.

We have been striving to not only realize the formal targets of the project, but also to harmoniously enter our solutions into the companys development strategy. It is especially important for the present situation on the market because its the investments in IT that help companies economize resources, define a beneficial strategy and be one step ahead".

Information about the companies:

Borlas Retail is the leading company on the market of information technologies for wholesale and retail enterprises, which develops and installs specialized software that solve a wide spectrum of problems – from quick startup and trouble-free operation of a store to preparing analytical reports, creating client loyalty programs and forming long-term business strategy of a trade company. The company is IBM POS General Supplier and the certified partner of Microsoft, Oracle and other companies.

National Trade Association (NTA) united subjects of enterprise in the trade sphere. Its main target is developing and consolidating traditions of Russian trade in different business spheres and expanding the scale of professional events. NTA represents and defends the interests of members of the Association in central and local authorities, in government and other organizations as well as in international ones.

Bosco di Ciliegi Group of Companies was founded in 1991 and today is one of the leaders in retail trade of luxury goods in Russia. Bosco di Ciliegi is more than 50 monobrand boutiques. Bosco di Ciliegi stores are situated in historic trade centers: GUM, Petrovski Passage and "Vesna" on Novi Arbat, as well as in Saint-Petersburg, Samara and Novosibirsk. Bosco di Ciliegi also comprises Articoli cosmetics, perfumery and accessories stores, Sublime jewelry and watch boutique, Articoli Salon&Spa multibrand beauty-salon and Institute Dior, Bosco pharmacy and Bosco Clinica, Bosco Café, Bosco Bar, cafe "By the fountain" on the Red Square in GUM and L'Altro Bosco Café in Petrovski Passage. Bosco di Ciliegi Family is the general partner of the Russian Olympic team and the Official supplier of outfits for the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City (2002), in Athens (2004), Turin (2006) and Pekin (2008). The company produces a collection of exclusive sports clothes and the official outfit of the Russian team under the BoscoSport trademark.

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