Luxe Retail: for retail with the heart

If you work in retail, you know how highly competitive this business is.

In a world where everything is sold and bought, retail is becoming more complex and dynamic every day.

Therefore, the decisive factors for the success of a trading company are:

the breadth of the range, the quality of the product, its availability there, then and in such a volume, where, when and how much it will be needed by customers;

understanding your customers, the ability to build trusting relationships with them and offer the best service, take into account their wishes and interests, evoke positive emotions, as well as achieve maximum speed of interaction with them;

the ability to sell anywhere and everywhere, that is, not only behind the traditional counter, but also in the online space, and with the use of a variety of tools and communication channels.

These conditions are vital for any development-oriented retailer, whether it sells food or gifts, clothing or children’s goods, sports equipment or pet food, board games or jewelry. And in creating these conditions, you can not do without advanced information technologies for trading.

We have been working on such technologies since 2001. More than 600 unique customers and more than 12 500 of their stores across Russia and abroad confirm that we can do this. We are as close to trading as anyone else. Our programs and systems are an absolute part of successful retail.


But smart technologies are only one side of the coin of the success of the trading business. To the other side we refer the soul and the heart of retail. What’s it? These are your bright creative and business ideas, non-standard management decisions and brilliant marketing moves that allow you to find answers to many interesting questions in practice: how to communicate and reach out to the customer, what range of products to offer him, what new collection to develop for him, what unexpected and interesting things to try yourself, with partners or suppliers, to surprise him, please him, attract him to stores and make him a client for many years.

And here we also include our work. After all, understanding the close relationship between it and the results of the trading company, we do our business with the soul and the heart. Every customer, from a small boutique to a large grocery chain, is unique and valuable to us — so we put not only our mind and experience, but also our heart into the technology for this customer.

Here are our developments that make retail more convenient, closer, and more attractive for customers:

for the management of the assortment at each point of sale and in the warehouse, clear work with suppliers and correct pricing, the perfect TradeX Back Office system has been created;

to ensure that your cash registers work accurately and reliably, every minute, the POSX Front Office program has been developed. Perhaps it’s the fastest, most understandable and smart front-office in the Russian market;

and if you have a lot of cash registers, then the Visual POS Manager Middle Office system will help you effectively control all the registers from a single center;

conduct any bonus and discount operations and encourage customers to shop, you will be comfortable with the Bonus loyalty program;

you will be able to fully know your customers and communicate with them thanks to the Luxe CRM system;

the OMNI Communications program will help you to organize trading at the intersection of offline and online technologies;

the mobile assistant of the seller iPOS will help your sales assistants to communicate competently with customers in the trade hall, increase sales, and quickly issue documents for goods in the warehouse of the store;

the iCOUNT mobile cash register with loyalty server will help you to reduce cash zones and accelerate the payment process, especially relevant for stores with high traffic.

And this is not a complete list of our ideas, implemented in programs and systems for retail. We are working on new interesting solutions that will make your business sustainable and dynamically growing.

Do you love retail as much as we do?

If so, we’ll be glad to see you in the community of customers, partners and friends of Luxe Retail.

Call: +7 (495) 740-49-73.



Luxe Retail team

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